It is the wheat gills that give the kebabs during the summer season or the corn that we have eaten with pleasure as a cookie boiled in winter.

One year of this large agricultural crop, which can be grown up to 3-4 m in length, is the mainland South America. From there they were brought to Europe, Africa, China and India by marines, and then started to be widely cultivated all over the world.
In our ilk, it is thought that this name is given to the plant because it is brought from Corn.

Nutrients( 100gr )
Calorie363 cal
Protein9,4 gr
Oil4,2 gr
Carbohydrate72 gr
Calcium9 mg
Iron2 mg
Vitamin (B1)0,43 mg
Vitamin (B2)0,01 mg
Niasin1,9 mg

Patlayan Mısır, Haşlanmış Mısır

• Coriander oil obtained from Corn has anti-vascular properties. Because it is an unsaturated oil.
• Especially oily people who are accustomed to use, are benefiting the health by lowering high blood cholesterol.
• Corn contains anti-cancer drugs: Among the cancer types that are effective are cannabis, breast (breast) and prostate cancers.

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