Wheat (Triticum), the worldwide breeding of cereals family made an annual herbaceous plant species. In the center of the wheat gene in the light of research by different researchers Anatolia, western Iran and the Caucasus is considered ...

Prefer continental climate. Wheat; is an essential nutrient used to feed produced.

The shell can be split or crushed with the shell. Wheat is also grown as a feed for livestock. After collection, straw berries are removed as waste product. The amount of energy is 1.18.

Nutrients( 100gr )
Calorie354 cal
Protein11,5 gr
Oil2,2 gr
Carbohydrate69,3 gr
Calcium36 mg
Iron3,1 mg
Vitamin (B1)0,57 mg
Vitamin (B2)0,12 mg
Niasin4,3 mg

Ashure Wheat, Feeder Wheat, Broken Wheat

Fibrous foods are the basis of a healthy diet. The bran obtained from the outer shells of wheat is also consumed mostly with corn flakes. Cookies made of whole wheat flour, etc. Allows the intestines to work properly and prevents constipation. The essence of the wheat grain is exceptionally nutritious. The assimilation of the body is stored here in calcium, iron and zinc. Nutritive value contains potentially preventive factors against wheat, intestine and rectum cancer, which are higher than oat and maize. But, compared to the digestion oat and corn it is a little more difficult.
When grass wheat grains eat or drink water, it relieves and relieves mental fatigue and nervous disorders.

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