Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) is a Central American herbaceous plant species of the genus Phaseas (Fabaceae), a herbaceous plant species that grows in a year.

Its thorny body has furry and green compound leaves. The white, pink or purple color of the whale flowers that grow in clusters from the leaves of the leaves.

There are two main forms: a steep bush (height 30-75 cm) and a hugging feature (height 1-2 m). The fruit, which may be flat, round, flat or curved, has a length of 5-15 cm and is usually green.

Bean, a plant susceptible to climate, grows on almost any kind of soil. Morocco is widely cultivated today in many parts of the world. There are about 80 kinds. It is one of the most consumed vegetables among all legumes. It is grown from the seed.

Nutrients( 100gr )
Calorie349 cal
Protein22,6 gr
Oil1,6 gr
Carbohydrate55,9 gr
Calcium86 mg
Iron7,6 mg
Vitamin (B1)15 mg
Vitamin (AUI)0,54 mg
Vitamin (B2)0,19 mg
Niasin3 mg

Dermason Fasulye(7,5mm/8,5mm), Sıra Fasulye, Çalı Fasulye, Horoz Fasulye, Şeker Fasulye, Bombay (Piyazlık) Fasulye

• The beans significantly reduce the bad Cholesterol level in the blood.
• Regular intake of potassium-rich beans reduces high blood pressure.
• Beans with rich fiber content are good for constipation sufferers,
• Beans have a high rate of iron content and congested women with folic acid content are the least likely to have a childbirth risk caught in the spina bifida disease (an acute onset of the spine).
• Helps diabetics control beans, insulin and blood sugar levels.
• Beans have a high rate of antioxidant content, reducing the risk of catching carcinogens.

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