Homeland is South America. It is spread all over the world and is grown as a vegetable. It is also known as the kidney bean type, the fruit and the bean type with the red speckle.

It is consumed fresh and dry. It is one of the most nutritious vegetables. Proteine is a rich and delicious vegetable. Niğde, Kayseri, Yozgat, Elbistan and Black Sea regions are growing. The most important element in red beans is the new crop. The crop of the previous year is late-cooked and becomes a blackish color in color.

Nutrients( 100gr )
Calorie346 cal
Protein21 gr
Oil1 gr
Carbohydrate57 gr
Calcium128 mg
Iron5,4 mg
Vitamin (B1)0,03 mg
Vitamin (B2)0,11 mg
Niasin2,1 mg

Sırık Barbunya, Kiraz Barbunya

• Reduces cholesterol, controls appetite, works intestines.
• The amount of calcium is high.
• It protects against diseases such as chronic heart diseases and cancer

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Red Beans

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